Architecture is an ever-evolving integration of art, technology, and culture, producing a composition of forms and spaces, solving problems creatively to serve the utility of shelter, in harmony with the elements of nature. As the name implies, Eco Concord Architecture means an architecture that is in full concord with the ecology or nature. Concord with nature is the mantra or guiding principle of all my professional activities. The three ‘e’s in the logo represent an evolving architecture with three well defined goals – Humane, Sustainable and Inspiring. Research and development are at the core of my architecture as I believe in constantly pushing the boundaries in the pursuit of creative solutions – Architect Jos Conil.




Humane habitats respect the needs and the scale of the human person. They encourage social interaction while being sensitive to the special needs of the most vulnerable people like children, the aged and the physically challenged. Humane habitats conserve the natural and architectural heritage of a place while being culturally vibrant. Humane habitats ensure clean, safe, and healthy living and working environments in harmony with the ecology.



A sustainable habitat is the one that is based on the definition of sustainable
development as “development that meets the needs of the present without
compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs” (Brundtland commission 1987). Sustainable urban development has been defined as “development that is non-damaging to the environment and which contributes to the city’s ability to sustain its social and economic structure” (Moughtin 1996). Sustainable habitat is based on the vision of a responsible environmental stewardship, a creative and positive response to the present-day challenges of resource crunch, energy crisis and climate change.



Our environment strongly influences and modulates the way we live and
function. Being in a pristine natural habitat is the most awe inspiring and rejuvenating experience that we can have. The very ambiance of nature soothes and inspires us. Nature has got a rhythm and language which speaks directly to and elevates our inner beings. Built environments of the 20th century have for long made barriers to and even annihilated this mystery of nature, creating an uprooted and synthetic society, especially in our great cities. It is the need and challenge of our times to bring back to our built environments the quality and ability to inspire and to rejuvenate in tune with nature even while giving full expression to the creative aspirations of the twenty first century.

This endeavour is based on, but not limited to the realm of Architectural Design. It is a multi- disciplinary venture that strives to apply the architectural spirit of creative solutions to all the aspects of human habitat - Architecture, Infrastructure, Energy and Transportation. While the involvement in Architecture is basic and direct, the involvement in other areas is through collaboration to implement and promote cutting edge and sustainable technologies. Original R&D to develop innovative solutions is the backbone of this endeavor.


I started my career as a freelance architect upon graduation in Architecture from College of Engineering, Trivandrum in 2001. I have also served in Key positions in several organizations like Artech Group Trivandrum, Larsen and Tubro Dubai, Gayathri and Namith Architects Bangalore and Habitat Technology Group Trivandrum.

This work experience with major architects and developers in varied locations has enriched my design portfolio with a diverse range of projects from villas, high rise apartments, IT offices, hotels, and Institutions, apart from the projects I had from my freelance practice at Trivandrum and Bangalore.


The devastating Bhuj earthquake at Gujarat in 2001 had exposed the vulnerability of conventional building techniques and that kindled in me a passion for research and development. Study and experimentation with some prefab and soil
stabilized block systems convinced me of the need to develop my own technologies. After several years of research, I was able to develop a new structural system which is modular in composition and monolithic in structural action, combining the advantages of prefab construction and the resilience of a shear wall structure. It is now in the
patenting and prototype stage.

I am involved in a constant endeavor to learn and adopt cutting edge sustainable technologies and to bring to the table best possible architectural and engineering solutions for every project that I undertake – Architect Jos Conil


A vision for Trivandrum 2035

Finalist in the 3rd Advanced Architecture Competition conducted in 2009 by the institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Spain. The competition titled “Self-sufficient City – Envisioning the Habitat of the Future” was an international online design competition open to architects, planners, designers and artists alike. There were 708 entries from 166 countries, from which 107 were shortlisted as finalists. The entry titled “A Vision for Trivandrum 2035 AD” a futuristic proposal for Trivandrum was one among the shortlisted projects.

“Swapna Keralam” Online Design Contest by Malayala Manorama

Malayala Manorama, a leading Malayalam newspaper conducted an online design competition in 2016, inviting designs and proposals for future urban development of Kerala. Team Techies were awarded 2nd place for their proposal to enhance public transportation in Kerala, which included strategies for a multi–modal transit integrated network made possible by digital mapping, smart cards, and a transportation app.